On Seeing Color

In one of the writing communities I frequent today, a writer asked if there were any active groups for people of color. Folks immediately jumped on her, telling her it was a bad idea to segregate herself (one even reminding her that we've come so far from segregation, why continue it?).

I had to laugh. Some people are nuts.

Look, if you honestly believe that you go through life without seeing race, I've got an island in the Caribbean I'd like to sell for you at a great price. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging our cultural differences. There is nothing wrong with being different. I repeat. There is nothing wrong with being different.

Somewhere along the line, we confused acknowledging and celebrating racial / cultural differences with being reaping the benefits of privilege. And sweet baby Cupid, most folks don't even know what privilege is! In my opinion, it's far easier to say "Let's not talk about race" instead of saying "Let's talk about privilege and how we can change this system because yes it still exists just ask any minority on the street." Why wash your dirty laundry when you can just hide it under the bed?

One could hypothesize that the reason kids today struggle with rejection among peers is that we currently live in a society that touts political correctness to the point of homogeneity. So what happens if you don't fit in? It's not okay, right? Cue depression. Bullying. All of that nasty stuff.

I'm African American. I'm a woman. I'm able-bodied. I'm heterosexual. I'm middle-class. I'm college educated. All of these life experiences color (no pun intended) how I write. There's nothing wrong with that, either. If I was just like Tom, Dick, and Sally...well, my writing would be sad indeed.

There were quite a number of people who came to the original poster's defense, which I'm glad to see. But it still bothers me that she needed defending. I will continue to point out my cultural difference and celebrate my background because it is who I am. And I encourage all of you to do the same. 

*tosses glitter in the air* 

Now back to your regular programming.

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