Checking In!

It's been pretty quiet around this blog because we've been settling in to our new apartment and dealing with a very busy work schedule! Oh, and did I mention that we're also planning a last minute wedding for February 2013? Yikes!

I have two full weeks from work starting December 21st and I am looking forward to it! I already have my ending to my mystery story, I just need to write it. The plan is to write the ending and start arranging it so I can edit it successfully.

Two things that I want to work on with this manuscript are:

1) Getting through editing quicker. At 50-60,000 words, it shouldn't take me months on end to edit. Now that I've found an editing checklist that works for me, hopefully I can get through it within 2-3 months. And...

2) Perfecting my Kindle formatting. Okay, The Two Worlds was a nightmare. And it's STILL not perfect. I wrote it on various Word versions across a period of seven years. The formatting was all messed up and didn't want to cooperate when it was time to put it on Amazon. But since I will be charging for the mystery story, I need to deliver formatting perfection.

All in all, I think wrapping up the draft for the unnamed mystery is a great way to spend my holiday vacation. What about you? Do you have any writing goals to hit during the holiday season?

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