A Little Bit About This Blog...

       I'm a Google fanatic. I'm naturally inquisitive (I suppose that's a trait of writers), and since Google arrived on the scene back in '98 I've been hooked. When I decided to start being serious about my writing I automatically went on a Google binge! I researched every aspect of writing, from setting deadlines to getting published. I spent hours reading articles about writer's block and getting through the 'dreaded middle'. I frequented forums, stalked blogs and harassed my other writer friends.

      But what I couldn't find easily were blogs where the authors gave the honest, nitty gritty truth about getting published. I read lots of the same advice on various websites and blogs, but no one really gave a play-by-play of the struggle. Not to be outdone, I kept searching in vain, constantly thinking "Yes, that's nice, but what's it really like?"

      Everywhere I looked, published writers and experts advised newbie professional writers such as myself to have a website and a blog. "Post frequently!" they said. "Make sure you drive traffic!"

      I tried and failed. I didn't have anything 'fluffy' to talk about. I'm still learning and didn't feel comfortable writing 'how-to' articles. I didn't eat, sleep and breathe writing and therefore couldn't provide multiple posts about the industry's happenings.

So I gave up.

     Fortunately, whenever I give up it doesn't stick. I decided I would create a blog that would let other newbie writers know that they're not alone. I will chronicle my failures and celebrate my triumphs. If I find a method that works, I will share it...and I will share those that don't work, too.

     My goals is to let other newbie authors realize that they are not alone and provide resources for their struggle to.

Till next time!

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